During his lifetime, George Daniels was considered to be the best watchmaker of his generation. Quite possibly the ultimate watch he created was known as the Space Traveller.

This watch has recently gone up for auction at Sotheby’s and has managed to amass a whopping $4.6 million price tag. 

When asked about his inspiration for the watch, George said in Clerizo’s 2013 book A Master Watch Maker and His Art: “When I was a boy, going to the moon was the stuff of science fiction. 

“The astronauts who went were brave chaps, the technology was the most advanced in the world and if the opportunity presented itself, I would have liked to have gone with them.” 

The watch itself features a gilt brass, lepine calibre construction with 32-hour duration. 

Two going-barrels with two contra-rotating trains drive the two escape wheels of the Daniels independent double wheel escapement, incorporating a ‘Y’ shaped central locking detent with three pallets.

The watch also features a mono-metallic, stainless steel four-arm balance with gold adjusting screws and Daniels auxiliary compensation.

Free-sprung over coil balance spring and two trains which are calculated for mean-solar and sidereal time including seconds, annual calendar ring with kidney-cam and equation of time indication. 

Finally, the watch features an accurate lunar dial driven from the sidereal train with indications for the age and phase of the moon. 

George began designing the watch in 1979 and was sold for the first time in 1982 before being sold again to a collector. 

The watch stayed with this collector before being sold by Sotheby’s for the first time in 1988 where it remained until being offered for this most recent sale. 

For more information about the Space Traveller, go to the Daniels London website at” https://www.danielslondon.com/daniels-watches/the-space-traveller/